Flow-Through Flood Floors

Floors that save you time and money.

Spend less on labour, heat and water costs with a flow-through flood floor.

Also known as “ebb and flood” floors, flow-through flood floors are the traditional way for greenhouse owners to gain vast labour savings in their operation.

Flood floors remove the need for benches, so growers can maximize their growing area while also accessing whatever plants they need to.

Flowing in from a centre pipe, flood floors distribute an equal amount of water to plants and can maintain irrigation for as long as the grower would like. In-floor heat tubing can also decrease heat bills while offering a lower ambient temperature.

Due to the depth of water that can be achieved, flow-through flood floors can be advantageous for growers of larger pots and nursery stock.

Tradewind’s flow-through flood floors can include…
  • In-floor plumbing & heat tubing installation
  • Rubber barrier & concrete curb installation
  • Precision laser-controlled grading & levelling
  • Concrete pouring with vibratory screed
  • Concrete coring
  • Final finishing

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